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15 September 2005



Good to know you're hanging on. If it were easy, you wouldn't be the guy doing it.
Sending you prayers and positive thoughts all the time. You can find a way through, and you will.

Rob & Mandy

Strewth Mate!I thought you were heading for bloody Greenland for a moment there.Is Peter the Fulmar still with you? What fantastic resilience and dedication to the cause, I say. Does he realize his possible fate, should the Captain fancy a little dietry supplement?
I am going to organise a Bradford on Tone Trogspongle for this evening, an ancient West Country wind dance, thought to induce westerlies to blow the heavilly laden Stella barges straight up The Channel from the Bay of Biscay.Let me know if it works.[ I'm a bit sceptical myself]
Hang on in there Mate, we're all thinking of you.
The White Horse Mob

Steve Mee

Hi Dom, keep going. Great to read you're still keeping your pecker up. Reading Russian 'eh, that'll come in handy out in the North Atlantic! But hey, a great place to learn something new.
Gomez are a band from Southport, just down the road from me. They'd be delighted you're out there listening... they're good...
Take care, thinking of you....Steve, Jackie, Jess & Sam

Steve Mee

Oh Dom, forgot to mention but there's some great coverage of you in the 'Yachting' magazine's September issue. This should increase hits on the website viewing your progress - Hi to all the 'yachting' readers new to this site... You're looking good....
I've just had Meat Paste (ham and chicken) butties with cress on hot, freshly baked and buttered bread - delicious and quite yummy!

Roy Lane (jazzyroy)

good to see that all is still well. good luck matey. I`m still following you each day, well from Cheshire anyway.


Good morning, Dom! Sun's shining in through my windows as I type - looks to be a little more windy than I like it by the sway of the trees - I'll send it your way..
So many folks sending up prayers for you, the vibes around Little Murka must be positively electric!
Sail on, Dom.


Mum & dad

Hi Dom We are in the canaries and sweltering under a hot sun. We will send you some good weather then you can make it home soon. We send best cream for Mrs Chippy & bread for Peter. A good big pint for you can´t wait. Love & prayers Mum & dad xx

Henry Root

Dear Mr. Mee,
Mrs. Root has asked me to send you her best wishes. she has been following your progress on the internet by clicking her mouse with her nose.Strange, you may think,but when I had my fish business she had a rather unfortunate accident whilst filleting a Lemon Sole, removing all the fingers of her left hand. She has since lost her right arm, stupidly trying to retrieve her wedding ring from the waste disposal unit without first switching it off.
I think your efforts are a great reminder to us all that the true eccentric Englishman is still out there showing the rest of the world the way. If it weren't for people such as yourself and Maggie Thatcher this proud Country would not be the envy of the rest of the world.
With that in mind I have e-mailed a five pound note to Adrian to help in the next venture.
Keep on showing them!

Your humble servant,

H. Root

Huff Taylor

Hey Dom,

Hang in there Mate, I wish you all the best and know you will get it done. I'm sure Canada was happy to see you go so that we can restock our beer supplies.


Dave Culp

Mr. Root;

So happy to see you checking in. Surely you'll remember me--the Ami bloke stopped the bleeding from your lovely wife's fingers. Sorry about the sole. Happy to hear she is shouldering on; my best to her (wife, not sole).

Dom, keep shouldering on. ;-)



Hi Dom,
Just a quick note to wish you well. Have been keeping up to date with your mad dash across the Atlantic from my laptop, poolside in the Italien countryside. Will raise the next glass of Chianti to you. Keep up the hard work and stay away from that shark. Jen


Hello Dom, I have been tidying your garden today can't wait for you to get back with my wages.

Take care and see you in Exmouth love Aunty Pat

Tim W

Hey big fella, we went backwards a lot more than that in The Pacific so hang on in there. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Our North Pacific Collision, so happy Crackers Day. It was my last night bash at the Blue Boar as well so we all san a few beers to you, Little Murka and Old Crackers. Regards from Wilf, Jo, Ray, Oggs, Doug, my folks and family etc, all the best and waiting for the wind to shift to the West. Tim

guy reid

myself and weeman thinking off you,keep plugging away,nature will reward you soon with some westerly wind!
always watching!

Jan's house

Hello Mr Mee,
Met you in Exmouth in the summer, listened to your stories of the seas, I will now follow the dots of your amazing jeorney, feeling so humble in my home, the thought of what you are now doing sends shivers down my spine.
My little girl and I are going to send a fairy wind spell to blow you right back to Exmouth xx
Hope you remember Dom to say Hello to the whale from me.

are thought are with you
Jan & Sadie xx

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