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23 January 2007


Richard Avery


Great to see you are doing so well, everyone at Clifton is keeping an eye on you and wish you all the best.

Rich, Sam, Chris & Dave


Tom, .... I miss you!!

Tom Wornham

One to amuse you.
Doctor Dave had slept with one of his patients and was feeling really guilty.
No matter how much he tried , the sense of betrayal was over whelming.
But every once in a while he'd hear an internal reassuring voice say "Dave don't worry about it, you arn't the first doctor to sleep with one of his patients and you won't be the last and you're single just let it go".
But invariably the other voice would bring him back to reality whispering,
" Dave you're a vet"!


Hey Tommy,

just remember marital bliss awaits in Kingsland, Bristol haha

I hear the warming of the oceans means the marine life might get pretty feisty in the oceans of the northern hemisphere....

whatever you do dont try and fob nibble - it'll never satisfy him...

best of luck to you all....

and remember - pull!

Clare H

Hey Tom,

Just to keep you updated:

I HAVE BEEN TALKING TO BOYS - well one boy. A nice boy (who would not sleep with a donkey)...

I will only tell you more when you break the record.

Hope the blisters aren't TOO bad (as you know that is actually code for "I hope they hurt like hell becuase you are mad as fish to be doing this as all")

good luck with the weather.


Jo James

Eddie and the boys! You've done a third of your Odyssey. Well done! Thinking of you all the time. Massives of snow in Meribel; probably warmer out there with you?! Missing you. Keep rowing and get the job done. I am so proud of you. Love your favourite sister. (Jasper also keeping a keen eye on your record progress whilst keeping an ear on the fridge door!) xxxxxx

blight family

hi Dom and team.Looking good so far,we are all with you in sunny Bridford.K and H say hello and theyre missing the big bear!.Keep up the good pace happy surfing the Blight family.



Looks like you're pulling hard..but then you're used to that..good luck have a cocktail on me!

Stella Bella!

Ian and Diane

Well done so far, Keep it up son!! Respect!! Bobby

Anna Beech

Hi Ed,

You may or may not remember me but we met randomly outside City Hall in London about 3 years ago, then before that at a Ball in the sticks, then both stayed at Mason Hall at Birmingham Uni. Anyway, Alison at Igloos (the posh loo people) sent me this and thought I would say firstly, well done, and secondly, how jealous am I?

The very best of luck with it all. Enjoy Barbados, well, I suppose how can you not...

Take care


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