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27 January 2007


Debbie Good

I am a friend of Fliss Galvin, monitoring your progres from Tenerife where I live. Keep up the good work, it's a fantastic challenge you have set yourselves!All the best Deb

Ian of the "Old Gits"

Ed, There is much discussion each Wednesday night about your amazing adventure. We all wish you every success in smashing the record. Is there anything you would like parachuting in, via "Hutch" or John K, perhaps a few pints of IPA? Good luck to you all.Ian

condat family

Hi guys, we're following you from paris and we're doing the "danse du vent" to bring good wind back your way! gros bisous de paris and bon vent!

Jac Chad

Peut le vent etre avec vous et votre resolution soit forte. Mes pensees et force est avec vous

Obi-Wan Kenobi

May the wind be with you !

Dan Brown

Superb effort lads, keep it up.
Rendell clearly has an alliance with mother nature - his interesting and marginally eccentric reports regarding the local flora and fauna were well received back on land....
Keep it up - Bacardis ahoy!

Baby Bird,

mate, i know your working hard but ... i have booked time off work now, so if you will get a wiggle on that would be great!

i know u guys have it in you and the record is yours!


South was your only option,
youve done a good job in heading without giving up much of the westerly progress ,.my estimate is Tues AM will see you on your way. Seems the Atlantic is playing with your heads.looking at your mieages 100 per day is possible! continuous?
Good Luck ORCA

John K of the Old Gits

Ed, you are out of range of our nearest helicopter - Help! But fixed wing is no problem! Good luck!

Maggi Herat

Hi to Peter and the rest of team.

Watching your progress with great interest.

Keep up the good work.

Lots of love,

Maggi & John

sue and chris

what a fantastic effort Ed - you're all doing brilliantly ! Spoke to Mum today - she's well and is glued to the website every day. Hear that Luke and all your mates had a great night at the reunion last night - guest appearances by Remi and Mr Chick !!! Jim Moulton rang us at 3am to let us know that he was looking after Luke - not very reassuring. Take care and we look forward to seeing you fit and tanned on your return. All our love Chris and Sue XXXX

Ma & Pa Bird

Well done guys! An excellent 24 hours of progress!! We are cheering you on!!!

Liz J

Glad to hear you are on the move again. Keep up all the good work. You're all doing so well.


Look after the Batbirds Dom, They will guide you through the storms. Guys, you got a bit of work on now. No real dramas though, (just means Dom will have to start rowing and stop telling ocean dits). Go Royal.

ed winchester

come on ed your doing so well mate keep it up and when you do it I have a stunning swedish girl who would very much like to meet you in val !!!!! kick ass edy boy !!!!

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