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24 January 2007


Duncan Kettles

Good luck to the team, hoping the MET-Rx is keeping you strong for this extreme test. We follow your progress with great interest and look forward to celebrating your success at the end

Baz Roche

Get your fat ones down,re-pie the Domster and get ready for the catch up. No dramas!

Chris C

Recoup, regoup and hit it like hell when you get going again. ps have found a nice beach hut for digs nice and cozy just like you are used to now!

Mike Minky

Time for some good luck!

Ma & Pa Bird

It looks like you have got moving again. Heading for 23N 32W! Well done guys! We are willing you on and wishing you fair winds. Hope the sun is shining on you, but don't get sunburnt.

Chris Stevens

We're following you every day and urging you on. The record's there to be broken!

Adrian Wibrew

Sleep tight fella's...Row harder than ever in the morn. Race the long game Hare & Tortoise styley.... you guys are Cheetah's in the blocks!!

Caroline and Lottie

We hope you are off and rowing again, having caught up on some sleep -- it's hard to imagine what it is like out there bobbing about opn the water. It's snowing here! Wishing you all speed and fair weather.

Chris Bird

Pete stop dicking about and get back on the oars. I am on holiday in tenerfe for a week, nothing like your four week pleasure cruise break though! Heres one to cheer you up;

Cinderella, Tom Thumb and Quasimodo are in the pub arguing. Cinderella thinks she is the prettiest person in the world, Tom Thumb thinks he is the shortest and Quasimodo thinks he is the ugliest. But none of them agree with each other. So they go off to find out.

Back in the pub Cinderella says I did Miss World and won I am the prettiest. Tom Thumb says I entered a short man contest and I am the shortest. Quasimodo says 'Who the hell is Pete Bird?'

chris martin

Lap up that rest time boys. You've earned a bit of a rest and a chance to take the weight off your lazy glutes. Take it easy team then pounce back onto those oars and nail it!

Ki Flavell

Four men went to row,
went to row an ocean,
as their fans all know,
the record will be broken.

John & Ki

Nige' Watson Clark

Good effort fella's. There's a page each in Matthews book for all world record holders, be the first to sign it twice Dom !!
all the best mate, NWC


Hey Petey! I've finally worked out how to contact you. Sounds like its going great, keep up the awesome work and don't forget to get in contact if you need any coaching!

Was thinking about the Rat Race the other day. The good thing about Ocean Rowing is that there are no pubs before the finish line to get distracted by, or girls with their toenail falling off to carry!

Gotta love that mid race pub lunch hey Ed!

Lots of Love xxx

Jac Chad

C'est maintenant les vrais hommes se touvent. Soyez vrais mes amis


Dom the headwinds won't last as long as in the Pacific, and have you needed to call up your 'Ancient Powers'!!! I hear that The Count is out there somewhere. Leave the sea water drinking to others and get ready to hit those oars when the head winds die. Go fellas there's a record out there needs bringin' home.

Jac Chad

Est maintenant le moment pour les hommes vrais au pas en avant. Soyez vrai mes amis

Charlie H

Pat and Tom are well impressed - telling all their mates that they shared a few beers (!) with the great Dom Mee at New Year. Got some good phots for the next RMA newsletter. Break the record and I'll persuade the Trustees to cough up something. Row hard -Charlie

Luke and Kirstie

Yo Jamo, just glad you are all still going strong. Will have a drink for you at the reunion, you will be miss buddy.

Love Luke and K x

Sam Webber

Full speed ahead and Best Wishes to Ed and all the crew. Hope everything is going to plan and that the weather has improved for you.

Sam Webber & David Wood


Hope you are up and rowing again guys and that you managed to make the most of the rest time. Can't imagine how hard it is out there but knowing your skipper(!) it has got to be a hell of a challenge and a record well worth breaking. So bless those 'guns' and you guys - we are are all rooting for you (some more literally than others of course...) love from coxy and Arctic Quest x

Pete Blackman


Took Dan running. The man is strong. He climbs hills as if born to it. He is an animal - a hill climbing one anyway.

Like a mountain goat. Without the bleating and random sex.

Keep rowing Tiger.


p.s I have cured my bow-side peculiarity,

Nathan Roche

Good luck Dom and Team, keep up the good work!
Nathan Roche

simon card

hi tom and the boys hope the head wind has buggered off and you're back on track, am sure with you're determination an skill you will bet the french. good luck and good winds . Simon

Taber Webb

Good luck boys, am watching the progress everyday.

Keep it up.

chis ladkin

You must be bonkers-still beats working-good luck to you all.Chris,Claire,Rosie,Ellie and Gemma.

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