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29 January 2007



Now that the weather has come round to your way of thinking I'm glad to hear the frustrations of the last few days have lifted and morale is high. Dig out fellas!

Chris Stevens

We're all with you, urging you on every mile of the way. You're the guys who can do the impossible. Day and night — go for it!

Chris C

Work those guns guys, dig deep, lets have a party to remember

Chris Bird

Good to hear your making progress again. Its all downhill now! Looking forward to hearing reports of over 100 miles a day. My last day in Tenerife today, when I get back need to persuade my boss to give me another week off. If he does then I will see you in Barbados!!


Pete Blackman

Guys - one J.Wilkinson is back in the England team to face the Scots on Saturday.

The natural order of the cosmos is being restored - Jonny's back at 10, GB are going to get the transatlantic record back off the French, and I am drinking too much.


chris martin

I know you lads can do this. You've done so well. Turn up the throttle and get to Barbados for some of that RUM! Blow wind blow. happy surfing dudes!

guy reid

throw all the smokes over the side and Dom will get you there by next saturday!!stay safe and keep going1
cheers bigman

Bryony Wright

Right then Tom - You can start rowing now! Fantastic progress, keep it up and stop watching the turtles. We're all cheering you on here.
All the best


Great to see the bateau back on track moving fast again! You can break that record, we all believe in you! Sending you lots of energy for those 100 miles a day. Allez les champions! With you all the way! xx

Baz Roche

Full speed ahead lads, lets get that record back to Blighty!

Mark Hankey

Keep up the good work guys - this has got to be easier than the bottom field! Dig deep and god speed.

Alastair Wiles

Brilliant boys!! Back on track.

I have faith in you all and more importantly the weather man. So, get those ocean rowing guns out and get cracking. (That includes you 'sloth'.)

I also call on all supporters to put in a super human posting effort and keep those comments coming!!

Inspirational boys...

Adrian Wibrew

Look to the horizon amigo's you can hear the steel drums & smell Da Rum!!

Liz J

Keep up that fantastic pace - you're doing brilliantly !

Jo James

Those little yellow squares on our map are going west again - yay! Looks all down hill from this angle. Keep going guys - keep 'stroking'!!

Jason Mawer


Keep it going old boy, just bear mind that the real test of endurance will be to keep up with me on the drinking front when you you guys SMASH ! the fench.

Thinking of you all.

Your Mentor

Jason Mawer

Amy Wicksteed

Hi there Ed (& the rest of the crew) - Just to let you know that the ex-Sandonite crowd are all cheering you on. Jo is breaking records herself back here in the 'proudest sis' category...kind of a sibling version of the schoolground 'my dad's bigger than yours'!! I'm just about to forward the link to Tom & chivvy him as to why he doesn't take the rowing boat next time he heads back from Oz...Best of luck. Push on. Amy xxx

Chris C

Hey Guys
Just been talking to somone from the British Embassy High Commision and he reckons Saturday night is the best night to party. So keep gunning! They are planning a great reception for when you arrive too!!

Tom Wicksteed

Ed, can you swing by Oz on your way back? I'd buy you a celebratory beer! Good luck lads.

Jac Chad

Rien grande volonté jamais ne soit réalisé sans grands hommes, et les hommes sont grands seulement s'ils sont déterminés pour être ainsi


Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.
Lowell Thomas


fantastic effort so far guys, remember no matter how hard things seem, there is always someone, somewhere worse off, they're just not rowing the atlantic that's all!!!

Adrian Wibrew

Check out the latest position on this site the mapping is much tastier than little yellow squares...

Dave Palmer

A bunch of "Royals" on a mission to crack the Atlantic in a world record time ..... There's no-one else in the world id put my money on!! Keep cracking on fellas!!

Andy Narracott

now that you'll be mixing with big wave surfers, the phrase "eddie would go" can now be used on yourself ed - after legendary Hawaiian surfer Eddie Akau - he had bigger balls than most. But now not you guys! Mucho respecto lads!!

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