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11 February 2007



nice work boys...

Ian and Diane

Well Done lads!!,

We can't make it to the Bahamas to see you Tom, but we're definately due a night in Bristol when your home!!!

Good Luck for record, we know you can do it!!!

Kit on, Crack on !! it will all be over soon!!!

Ian and Diane -x-

Dan Brown

Nearly there lads! When you arrive, make sure you insist that the fully laden vessel is bourne onto the beach by the finest available lovelies - Acclimatisation is essential...

Monumental acheivement - off the dial!

Annie and Duncan McA


Great effort, thinking of you and the team.

Almost there!!

Love from all the McAllisters (and Margaret!!)


No doubt its emotional but keep powering out the miles lads.

Liz J & A-L

We're waiting for you here, can't wait to see our heroes! See you very soon xx



Just returned from a month over on the Iraninan border so it's the first time I've been able to check the website. Great to hear that you and the team are doing well and that you are getting close to the goal. Keep at it amigo. Big luv from the RM Detachment, Kabul.

sue and chris

you are a real star Ed - can't wait to see pictures of you celebrating with Mum and Jo on dry land !! all our love chris and sue xxxxx

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