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18 February 2007


Erica Badou

Not sure I'd want someone called "Collision" guiding me in, you'd best hurry up boys!

Richard Avery

Well done to all the lads and especially Tom, it's a great effort.

The Clifton boys.

Richard Walton

Well done guys! Once again you have showed the world what the English are made of. Enjoy your holiday.

Melanie & All at Innotec

Well done guys, we're really proud of you and to be associated with you. Take care during the last pull, we're with you all the way. Sorry not to be there to share a Rum Punch but I'm sure Jim and Andy will have more than a few with you.
Mel xxxx

Chris Martin

Fantastic work team! What a journey. Superhuman effort. Top class. Enjoy that Rum!

Clare H

Have a great holiday -
Mount Gay rum is the best in the world!

Niall McCann

Incredible effort guys, inspirational stuff. Looking forward to a couple of diet cokes upon your return to Bristol - and if you ever want to look at an ocean rowing boat again, ours is now on display at Bristol Zoo, nestled between the gorillas and the seals! Enjoy the holiday boys, you all deserve it.

Adrian Wibrew

Sterling effort Fellas!!! Good Work, Good Drills, Well Done All!!!See You Soon Big Man...

Justin A

Great effort Domster and crew! Followed you all the way. One storm and the record just slips away, bummer. You know you would have done it otherwise! Glad the boat handled well, they go like a rocket in the right conditions eh?!

Enjoy the rum!
See you on your return


Meg & Andy

A final salvo from those mighty Guns of Navarone and you're in now lads, superheroes all.

Richard & Suzanne Bird

What a fantastic achievement. We are all waiting and wish you a safe landing. Tony's picture (taken yesterday) says a lot about the coastline!

white horse barflies

I demand a recount!
Please send Mrs Root a picture of the lads BEFORE they hit the Mountgay. I would hate her to have her dreams shattered.

Seriously chaps I have no idea how you must be feeling.To have achieved such a feat is amazing but to be thwarted by one storm must be absolutely gutting. We all feel for you lads.
Now just enjoy!!


Shaun Barker

Fantastic effort guys. So close. Have a good rest and enjoy Barbados. The record will be broken one day by a four-man.

Shaun (Queensgate)


Hurry to the rum but watch those rocks! Hope you are not too hungry guys - go for Domster's guns if all else fails - plenty of muscle there he tells us! You have achieved such an amazing feat out there battling against the odds every day and making us all very proud to know you. Savour every second of your success - you deserve every accolade going. Now heroes get to that party and start rocking...
love coxy
Can't wait to hear all about it from the Big Man himself xxx


a very big well done guys!! you showed the world what the english can do.. sit back guys and enjoy the well earned rest(rum) soak it up boys!!!you deserve it!!
DOM if you are still wanting a lesson on reversing when you get back ill be happy to show you!!!!(thats when the container arrives back in blighty!)

David, Rachel and Sam

Ed, what an achievement, a truly magnificent feat. Heartfelt congratulations from me, Sam and Rachel.

Get in safely and have a fantastic holiday.

I saw Sam this week, he has a booking sorted at the usual venue for us on your return.

Dinner is on us!!!

Thanks for being so amazing and an inspiration to us all.

David and Rachel Wood and Sam Webber


Great row guys , cant do anything about mother nature. Enjoy the rest ,the rum and the Banks.
Hope the paint work not scratched !!
Be great to meet up when you get back.

Tom Wornham

I enjoyed your journey and am privileged to have monitored your voyage. Trust the adventure has many positive effects on you all in the future.

Dan Brown


Absolutely inspirational.

The fact that bad luck earlier on took the record away from you has not detracted one bit from your colossal acheivement.

T1000, the PT TROOP is proud of you beyond words - now come back and give us a good 'black-bagging'!

Dan and Alision


Dom, Tom, Pete and Ed,
Bloody good effort fellows. Been following you every step of the way and I'm proud to say I know the guys that have undertaken such an epic voyage. it may seem cruel now to be so close, but you made it back in one piece, crossed the ATLANTIC!! in a rowing boat in just a few weeks and as an achievement on it's own is something not one man can take away from you. Congratulations.

Teresa Ebeling

What a wonderful achievement. I am very proud of you guys and happy you are safe. Enjoy your time in Barbados!

Meg & Andy

Looks like better landing options reopened this pm, halfway down east cost 20 ms off Beersheba? Hope to hear you in by dusk for the sundowners.

Poulter family

Well done! An awesome achievement so congratulations to you all. Peter, we have another network problem for you to fix on David's new lap top!!

Shaun Barker

Just seen the clock stop and that you've landed safely. Nice one lads, well done.


Well done Dom, Tom, Pete & Ed! Sooo proud of you, lads & glad to know you've arrived safely.
Don't know where your special strength comes from but please bottle some and send it on . .

Best love


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