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01 February 2007


Ma & Pa Bird

We've booked flights to come and meet you!!!!

Chris C

I can visualise the scene

the calm in the boat, minds focusing on the task expanding chests taking in that extra pull of oxygen concentration, reach, and bury those oars


taught muscles spring to life, holding that first catch all through the stroke,
two more and the boat's alive, freed from the still water, eager,responsive

athletes straining at the thwarts, hold and concentrate the mind,waves crash against the flying boat, bodies in unison, oars as one.

muscles firing in sequence learned through hours of training,
power transferred from the catch to arms, back legs and feet driving the craft forward,

a chance for the mind to luxuriate in the action of the body, the rush of the water, the dashing boat.

you have the heart and the race is to be won.
strengthen our stroke, exact our timing, and pull for the line.
we've given our all but the call for more.

Mind over body extracting those last ounces of strength hastening onward.
over the line and the race is won.

As you can tell I really wish I was with you all. Enjoy each moment.

Graham ( Reggie ) Newton

Hi Dom,

Good luck buddy, if you are not going to make it then we will set the special GreatWhites and unmanned fishing boats after you!!!

Reggie and the Infatuation/Midnight Crew.

ps we are in Antihua and the Caribbean is way better than the Atlantic!!!


Morning Ed and All,

Good to see you're churning out the miles.. 18 days completed now and looks like you're getting stronger.. No big news from this end but looking forward to you making a guest appearance at winter nets on your return... Row hard chaps and keep up the fierce pace...

Meg, Andy & Chris

Ye-es, you're goin' to Barbados as the song says. Satmap looks like a fast conveyor belt for you straight across now, over halfway and beaches beckoning, admire you all.


Just having a chat with Jo and I'm a bit confused about why you didn't just fly to Barbados with Coconut Airways. Sure that would have been easier.

Jo James

KEEP GOING MARINES! ROW HARD AND GET BACK TO DRY LAND QUICKLY! You're over half way now. Enjoy the stars, such a once in a lifetime sight. XX

Chris Stevens

Great progress, lads! We all believe in you. You've proved you can do the miles — we always knew it. Keep pulling the oars... there's a record waiting for you.


To our own superstars - your meteoric progress is inspiring us all. Keep going, keep rowing, keep safe and haste ye to victory over 'les bleus'in Barbados. We shall keep wishing, on every star, that calm seas and tail winds will help you all the way. love coxy x


P.s. Who needs Jonny Wilkinson when we have the real awesome foursome

Andy Rendell

Talking of dark skies, if you are around 20N then the North Star (at any time) should be that amount (about 2 handwidths) above horizon at arms length- but (gents, please wait till end of turn and not stop rowing on our account to try it out).Also depending on hands and arms. Tom, I have an old air nav chart of Granddad's taking just 3 astrodome fixes on Polaris for latitude to take a night flight in the early 60s to Bermuda from LHR, when it was still mainly manual, plus Venus for longitude, there being a definite of lack of sun by night..

Richard Hewitt

You all got a nice mention in the BBC1 England v Scotland rugby build up this afternoon.

Ki Flavell

England 42

Scotland 20!

Loved your e-mail Ed, thinking of you, love John & Ki x

Liz J

Well done to all of you - half way today.


Bien joué les garçons! You're making fantastic progress, keep going strong! Thinking of you always. Hope you're not too chaud and the mars bars not all melted! xx

Tom Wornham

Great progress team. The reports are are good read and an interesting insight to an alien part of the world for me. Trust moral is high.

Jac Chad

Sacre Bleu!

margaret ladkin

good luck and lots of love.from great aunt margaretxxx

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