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23 February 2007


Dave Palmer

Awsome. Really well done guys. You are true "Royaly Royals!" However.... Tom, I'm still dissapointed with the beard action!!! See you soon!

Bryony Wright

Just got back from a week's holiday and checked in to see how you got on. Fantastic! Well done! Tom - do feel free to chill out for a further week or so in Barbados, I'm not sure I'm up to your renewed PT Troop training yet...

Best wishes

The Bulls

Well done Tom, hope to see you soon and catch up on your new tales, amazing effort, Steve, Jeanette, Bradley and the little Bulls xx

Al Droker

"guts to speak out and take this record on"
Go forth with pride a terrific row ,you have every right to be proud!
However never forget those that went before you ref

Peter and Mads

Ed and the team
Well done a truly amazing effort -have enjoyed following your progress. Have a good rest and hope to see you soon Ed in the Uk or in La Belle France

Chris Stevens

Awesome effort, guys, and it's been an inspiration to follow you every day. You've achieved something exceptional, you've fought every mile of the way and you've shown you had the sheer guts to make the attempt. Next mission: what's the record for rowing there and back again... ?

Claire Ellen

Well done guys. That's a great achievement you've done (even if French are still the best...). Next time you'll get the record. I trust you!

A french girl met during your trip from London to Paris.

Ali Latimer

Ed & Team, Well done to you all for such a great acheivement, enjoy your rest before you have to paddle back! Hope to catch up with you soon Ed. All the best. Ali

Bazz Campbell

Good effort lads, Twos up on your sea sores, Now, how you getting on with the record for drinking Barbados dry.

Laura Woods

Well done guys, cant imagine how tough it must have been but you made it, if you're ever in Kingston again we'll have to finish the tour of the boat club!

Laura and Charlie xx


Very well done guys! A real achievement to be proud of! Hardly recognised you without your makeup and halloween costumes! Never mind not winning, perhaps you should come train with Kingston ladies!

Charlie x

Jac Chad

Guys weldone the French record was tough to break think of trying to beat 11 French men. I think you are fantastic and you are invited to my castle in June to stay as long as you like drinking vintage French wine.

Viv la Roast Beef brave rowers

Effie&Paul Loy

well done lads....come home for a proper welcome and brithday soon peter bird!

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