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08 February 2007


Andy Narracott

Sounds like Winston Churchill had it right with all the talk about gimps and rum. As he said in his own words "Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash." keep up that blinding pace lads! palm trees and hula-hula girls are in sight...

chris martin

Just like the Pepperami you guys really are 110% meat. Go commando. Good work team - inspiring, impressive, bloody brilliant.

white horse barflies

Hey Dom, do you reckon you can get to Barbados before that whinginig Canadian bloke realises you are at sea again?

Adrian Wibrew

Rock & Roll Cowboys, Rock & Roll!!! Spiced Rum soon Will Be in Your Tum, Yum Yum!!!!!

Chris Stevens

We've got total belief in you, guys. You achieved the impossible, just by getting the challenge together. Now you're showing us the fastest sustained performance of ocean rowing ever seen. The next ten days are going to be sheer drama. Give it everything and smash that record!

Melanie & All at Innotec

Hey Guys, like the idea about MS1000 working on personal chaffing!

Bronte says "hi" to you all but especially Tom.

Keep it going guys, we're with you all the way in spirit.

Mel xxxx


hello you guys. Im thinking of you and cheering you on although you cant hear me!!!
miss you lots see you soon bronte !!!!
x x xx x x

Baz Roche

Home straight now fellas, lets grunt up, suck it in, take charge of those guns and pull like mad men for that record belongs in Blighty!

Dave Palmer

Keep cracking on fellas!! You'll beat the "frenchies" I know it!

Tom Wornham

Great going guys. Still plenty of time although with each day the goal becomes painfully obvious. Love the information regarding your position against the French. Reminds me of England, Australia World Cup final. A real nail biter! Keep those facts coming.

Pete Blackman

One tequila
Two tequila
Three tequila

Pete Blackman

Oh and Gabrielle says she is disappointed by the beard action on show so far. She was expecting more of a Rasputin / Long John Silver / ZZ Top look by now. However it looks as if you're all cultivating a 'designer stubble' look for the bars and nightclubs of Barbados.

Could do better.


well guys you are doing a grand job!!and buy the looks of you will smash the record from the french, and it won't be long till the smell of rum will be in the air together with the steel bands!!keep rowing hard chaps cus you know it will be worth it in the end..

blight family

going well nice photo of you dom a few more clothes on than in the sun photo. keep up the good job i'm very jealous of you seeing the dolphins we'll be seeing them in a week but they'll be in a tank! looking good for the record see you soon love the blights

Chris C

How many rums do you want lined up guys! I,m sure you can smell it now, use it to drive you on

Adrian Wibrew

87 Miles stop loafin you crazy idiots!!!Thats Rum haze on the Horizon!!!and its waiting for you!!!Lets Ave it!!!

Jo James

Pull out all the stops guys; the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Girls are on tour in Barbados but only on 18/02/07 and are looking for a couple of oil boys (AND they have plenty of Captain Morgans...)

sue and chris

you're going great guns guys - we know you'll do it !! heavy snow here so Barbados sounds fantastic.... have a great time there. All our love


Come on boys you know you can do it eat up a part of that distance every day and beat that clock. Make sure the guns are firing like machine guns

Peter and Mads

France is following your progress too! Great going Love Peter and Mads

Captain Pugwash

"Plundering Porpoises! Jumping jellyfish! Harrowing hurricanes!" A tot of rum, an impromptu naked YMCA dance and a gimp locker, just the sort of things us boys like abroad The Black Pig. You're welcome aboard anytime. Good luck, see you down the Blue Oyster Bar in Barbados. Captain Pugwash, Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the Cabin Boy.

Jacques Chirac

La France et les Français sont avec vous! Vaillants et braves Anglais, vous seuls pouvez battre ce record, alors allez-y, la France croie en vous!

Ben Cannon

and now the end is near...well nearly near. Keep it up, full of admiration and pleased for Dom that Ed is living up to all his expectations in the domestic dept. I always suspected that he would make somone a lovely little wife (shaves his armpits don't you know!)

Chris Bird

Hi guys, I don't know if anybody has told you but from the ocean rowing website it looks like your going too far north. Maybe its petes guns of steel affecting the needle. Anyway I think its best that you get a wriggle on and I will see you there shortly!

Peter & Sarah Counter

Hi Pete - lots of people following your progress, including us! Glad to see you're making a race of it... would be so boring if you had just shot ahead.

Apparently you will be losing weight, so we'll do our bit to feed you up when you get back. Anything particular you'd like? Sarah's got this great recipe for rolled oats...

Fantastic effort, and on the home straight now. Well, OK, 1,000 miles is quite a long straight. And it's going away from home. Ah, well, so I'm rubbish at encouragement, but just make sure you beat the French.

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